Albums produced by Pau

In all productions he has worked alongside recording and mixing engineer Aniol Bestit Collellmir (The Sound Of Wood Studio, Barcelona).

Pau’s albums are produced by himself, as on top of being a performer and composer, he has the necessary skills to arrange, record, mix and work on pre-production and post-production of his own musical work.

For this reason he has been asked to produce a number of musical works by other artists, involving himself in the process on different degrees according to each project, ranging from creating and recording the guitar parts to completely taking care of the whole production process:

  • Pre-production of the music with the artist
  • Arranging and rearranging of harmonic and melodic content
  • Creating new music sections when needed
  • Writing the arrangements for the different instruments involved
  • Choosing the best suited musicians for the job
  • Choosing the recording studio that best suits the project’s needs
  • Recording all types of guitars, synths and minor percussion
  • Mixing the sessions alongside the engineer
  • Choosing the best suited mastering studio for the project