Enjoy Pau’s upcoming album LATIDO (Satélite K, 2024), full of Flamenco Guitars and Synthesizers:

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Blending Flamenco guitar with the music of our century, Pau Figueres is one of today’s most talented and interesting Spanish guitarists. Worthy successor of this beautiful instrument’s best tradition, he pushes its limits to new grounds with his original compositions, his unique and deep understanding of music and an overwhelming technical ability.
Moving forward even further, Pau investigates beyond the guitar itself by incorporating to the natural touch of nail and flesh a very creative use of the synthesizer, through which he carefully runs his guitar, providing the music with rich textures and sounds typical of current times, but also rooted in the jazz tradition of recent decades…


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The nostalgic and inspired opening track LATIDO is a tribute to Pau’s late friend and master guitar builder Arcadio Marín. The strength and depth of Pau’s guitar playing are felt from the very first opening notes, and you can hear the heartbeat –the latido of the guitar– resonate strongly as an evocation of friendship. The presence of Arcadio’s brother, cantaor Marcos Marin, singing at the end of the piece gives the music special profoundness and beautiful meaning.
EL ALBA (“Daybreak”) is a meditative, almost cinematic, Arabic-sounding piece inspired by a photographic campaign of former refugee camp in Syria “Al-Hawl” by French journalist Florent Vergnes, a work commissioned to Pau by the NGO Doctors Without Borders. The desolate desert landscape and the extremely harsh life threatening conditions, with an underlying feeling of hope, conjure a unique musical journey.
BULERIA DE KLYSTRON is a radical take on the traditional flamenco style of bulerías. Pau bravely trespasses the established flamenco guitar sound with the simultaneous triggering of the synthesizer as he plays his original fast-paced, complex and rich instrumental rendition of the most celebrated of the flamenco palos.
ANDALUCÍA. Tribute to the birthplace of flamenco. A first part with clear classical and orchestral reminiscences, inspired by the concerts for guitar and orchestra of the second half of the 20th century or even by Paco de Lucía‘s “Canción de Amor”, evolves and flows naturally into a melody in the style of flamenco tangos, performed by guitars and sung by the brilliant young cantaora Ana Brenes.
DOS LUNAS. Wild and romantic recreation of the slow flamenco palo taranta from a modern –even futuristic– perspective. Bringing the synthesizer to the front, Pau complements the guitar with cool and refreshing electronic sound layers, and effortlessly unveils a love story between a wolf, the moon, the guitar and space travel. The night, the listener and a perfectly clear awareness blend into one another. Let yourself be taken on a journey to a distant planet, where the reflection of the night sky on a strange river is marked by the presence of two moons, while the mysteries of the universe, life and consciousness echo in the lonely and timeless song of the wolf.
LA RUMBA DEL CAPITÀ. A refreshing cover and brilliant arrangement of “La Cançó del Capità”, recognized piece by the Catalan composer Joan Figueres, Pau’s father and influence. Originally in the form of havanera (a traditional Spanish music genre dating back to the 19th century sailors who went to the Caribbean), in LATIDO the song takes on an unashamedly flamenco and purely instrumental look. Drinking from the quintessential styles rumba and tanguillos from Cádiz, it also wears elements of the Cuban rumba and the African electric guitar music, uniting the seas and the lands in that captain’s ship that set sail a long time ago from the port of Barcelona and has now gone around the world. Flamenco guitar, electric guitar and a luxury band: Pau’s brother Arnau Figueres on percussion, Catalan pianist Iannis Obiols on Fender Rhodes and Gaditan bassist Ismael Alcina on electric fretless bass.

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